Style of Photography



Our main style is documentary photography which entails a vibrant ,elegant, emotive, fun/funky, crisp, and clean look, giving the image a beautiful aesthetic combined with contemporary portraiture.

Wedding documentary photography requires alertness and understanding of the surroundings and patience to grab that one spectacular moment. Each image we take provides a purpose and has a reason behind it. Each image captures an emotion, tells a story, or portrays a mood or feeling.

Our wedding photojournalism style is influenced by fine-art and fashion/commercial photography. The result is intriguing and crisp wedding photography that’s romantic, fun, and emotional.

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With couple portraits We like to use either:

Our Editorial Style is a fusion of poses and post-production often found in Fashion/Commercial Photography. This is a stylish and more dramatically pleasing portrayal ,the backgrounds tend to be more moody with deep shadows and dramatic lighting. 

Our Soft Style can be described as bright and airy with filmic textures and tones. This style is perfect for day time scenes with back lighting and the overall look tends to be with low contrast.  


Watford based professional commercial photography specialising in location, lifestyle, events, portraits, interior and exteriors Architecture

High-quality commercial photography is available to you as a small/Medium size business
Most people hire us for promotional photography to advertise a new service or product, staff portraits, lifestyle or event photography, we can help to provide the right image to promote your business.

You might already have a clear idea of what commercial photographs your business needs, or you just want new refreshing images for your website why not get in touch !

Services We specialise in :

Architectural photography for both exteriors and interiors of your premises or any location. Specialist professional equipment to enhance spaces 

Event photography Reportage and documentary event photography of corporate events, Birthday parties, ceremonies and conferences. Capturing all the elements as they naturally unfold.

Lifestyle Bathroom Photography for your business to showcase your bathroom related products and services at an attractive level

Lifestyle Kitchen Photography for your business to showcase your Kitchen related products and services at an attractive level

Editorial photography for corporate publications such as  brochures and other advertising media; magazine, newspaper or website features; creative location portraiture to accompany the narrative or to achieve an artistic photographic brief.

Creative lifestyle photographer for commercial advertising. Lifestyle photography may include staff headshots, models or products to suit your requirements.

Investing In High Quality Commercial Photography


Dev Patel
Founder, Photographer/Artist

Capturelite Portrait

A Bit About Me


Photography has always played a huge part in my life from a very young age, it all started off by taking pictures on holiday and when I started the photography activity provided at school. This only increased my passion, it was more of a hobby at that time though, after the first few months people noticed I had a good ‘eye’ for photography. When my Father bought me my first SLR it was then I realised that I wanted this to be my future profession.

At the Age of 12 I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to take photos for my cousins wedding and I was grateful to shadow the wedding photographer on her wedding day.       
This experience fuelled my interest in wedding photography and soon I became interested in commercial photography when friends and family asked me to photographs of their business's. 

Very early on I realised as an artist its not only important just to invest in equipment, its also important for me to consistently build on my skills, experience and knowledge to produce              expressive and meaningful work.
Photography is my passion and I continuously strive to exceed my own and clients expectations, I’m very blessed to do be doing something that I love and pushes me to the limits.

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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”
— Ansel Adams 1902 – 1984