At Capturelite Photography we believe naturally people make buying decisions using their eyes, an unpleasant image can cause us to move on quickly. Professional photography can ensure you portray a positive image to attract your customer’s attention, separating you from your competition and generating sales. Amazing images are key to attracting new customers and can give your business the competitive edge it needs.

Professional photography should play a major part in your marketing material and website design, in order to encourage customers to choose your business over the competition.  It takes on average roughly just 4 seconds for visitors on your websites to decide whether to stay and absorb more about your business or look elsewhere - what better way is there to attract their attention than with the instant impact of  professional imagery.

‘Images to power your business’

We specialise in:

Lifestyle Bathroom Photography

Architectural photography – Exterior/Interiors

Lifestyle Kitchen Photography

Headshot/Profile photography

Fashion photography

Website and marketing photography

Product photography

Beauty photography

Corporate & hospitality events photography